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Residential Electrical Services

When powered by electricity, it can be repaired, installed, repaired, or removed. From installing ceiling fans to upgrading generators and cables, our team of experienced and qualified electricians will meet your electrical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you require electrical service, please contact a friendly and experienced team member. We provide a selection of electrical services to residential customers. Some electrical services in our home are:

Electrical work for kitchen, bathroom and home remodelling

Maybe you invested in a top repairman and turned inside out! In any case, if you’re watching for an electrician to help you with the electrical work needed to modernize your home, our professional Electrical crew can help. Our specialized and welcoming staff has many years of experience in helping home and real estate owners with electrical work related to remodelling and renovation. Take advantage of that experience and use it today.

Electrical panel update or installation

Your electrical panel is like the heart of your home’s electrical system. It takes electricity from your utility or electricity provider and distributes it to many electrical appliances through your property. Outdated or defective electrical panels can damage connected appliances, lose power, or even make them worse. If you want electrical panels or updates during the review, you must contact our skilled team member.

Install a new light or fan

Our home electricians will help homeowners in home improvement projects, including the installation of all types of lighting (new ceiling lights or fans, recessed lighting, lighting under kitchen cabinets, bathroom lighting, lighting). We are highly trained to support basements, outdoor lighting etc.