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Commercial Electrical Services

Handling electrical problems you is never recommended. There are serious security risks. Small mistakes made while working on an electrical project can even hurt or even kill people. Improperly installed electrical appliances pose a security risk. If you need any type of electrical service, please contact our experienced electrician. We provide a wide range of services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Installation service

These services are required to install plugs, lamps, accessories, wiring, panels, circuit boards, and other electrical items. You will need to install these items when you build a new building. If you bring in a new appliance that requires a dedicated outlet not currently available, you will need electrical service. The electrician installs all kinds of appliances, so you can use your appliances, lighting, air conditioning, and electronics without any problems.

Repair service

Our Commercial Electric Services Sacramento can repair any type of electrical product, including wiring, panels, and electrical outlets. If the electrical product is damaged, repair it immediately. This is especially necessary in commercial locations where it can be touched and used by outsiders who are not aware of damage to electrical components.

Exchange and renewal

Some electrical components appear to be working properly, but they still require you to proceed and replace them. Electrical parts and components that are worn, slightly damaged, or on the verge of collapsing should be replaced immediately to avoid an accident. You may want to upgrade your existing electrical system to take advantage of the latest energy efficient electrical equipment. Our electrician can help you replace or upgrade your old electrical items.